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Aalborg Academy of Science

The basic purpose for establishing Aalborg Academy of Science  was established in the Danish Kingdom is education, scientific development and the achievement of all the aspirations of Arab and foreign students in Europe and the Middle East. Accordingly, the Association Agreement with the Kansas State University of America has played a major scientific role in supporting And increase the confidentiality of the Academy and the certificates issued by the bachelor's and master's and doctoral to become the academic certificate that the student gets recognized and equivalent in any country desired by the student and this agreement has increased the academic ladder of respected and well-known international universities serves science and knowledge. Aalborg Academy of Science was founded in 2003 and has been Fully recognized, besides earning full partnership and affiliation with the Kansas State University, in 2017 after fulfilling all the required conditions for quality assurance standards in higher education. 
The academy relies on most of the American and European universities in the traditional education system, which is the presence of students and the performance of their academic studies and academic duties on a regular basis. The academy also adopts the method of open education according to the curricula and regulations of the honest universities that use open and internationally recognized education such as Cairo Open University. The Academy has faculties in various disciplines and humanities. The Academy awards bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees. The academic certificate are recognized and approved by the Kansas State University and Aalborg Academy of Science in Denmark. 
The Academy is accredited by the following higher education institutions: 

International Accreditation Board for Education CHEA
International Association of Education NAFSA
Northwestern Commission for Colleges and Universities NWCCU nwccu.org
European Association for International Education
International Education and Multicultural Studies
International Center for Academic Evaluation (ICAE)
American Association of Assessment AEA
IACET International Association of Continuing Education
American Association of International Colleges and Universities
International Commission on International Education
University College

The academic system is accepted by students of science from all over the world as long as they meet the required conditions. The academic system is traditional and open. The students are subject to written and oral examinations, research projects and seminars under the terms of the Association Agreement and twinning with the Kansas State University and the Academy

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Aalborg Academy of Science

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Aalborg Academy of Science
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