About: Aalborg Academy of Science.
California University FCE
Website: www.aalborgaos.dk – E-mail: Info@aalborgaos.dk
Address: Silovej 8, 2., MF 9900 Frederikshavn / Denmark.
CVR Nr. 29 09 47 48

Aalborg Academy of Science, was founded in 2003. Aalborg Academy of Science, has got its recognition certificate from California University FCE according to the document No.CU-7537-10-2815 in 2015, and is approved as an Academic Education Institute according to the agreement between California University FCE and Aalborg Academy of Science. The Academy is also an independent authorized representative, to California University FCE, in the Middle East and Europe Area. Aalborg Academy of Science relates to the American study system that advocates hour reading system, as there is an agreement between Aalborg Academy of Science, and the California University FCE in what concerns the study program. Education at the Academy consists of 15 departments in different scientific directions.
You may also visit the Academy on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/aaosdk/

CUFCE – Equivalency

 For example (Law, Social Science, State Customer Clock, Economics and Administration, Language customer cabinet, Media customer cabinet, Arts, Tourism and Administration, College of Medical Science).

The Academy is recognized in the United States, as a private educational institution offering courses at university level, with diplomas confirmed by California University FCE in the United States of America. The Academy is officially registered in the Danish tax system under the tax number (CVR Nr. 29094748). The Academy includes two buildings: the first building is the main office where the executive director of the academy has his department and the administration as well as a teaching group, and the legal consultants. The second building contains study rooms for students. The Executive Director of the Academy,Prof.Dr. Talal Al-Nadawy, and he work with a group of legal advisors and a teachers staff combined of (Danish – American & Arabic) professors.

The Academy accepts all students, as long as they meet the admission requirements.
Study system in the Academy is divided into two parts, the first part is the class instruction, and the second portion is online teaching. The diplomas issued to students will be stamped and certified in the United States for validity, by California University.

The Academy has a Business Account with Danske Bank, under the name (Aalborg Academy of Science), with the following transfer information:
Reg Nr. 3409
Account Nr. 11640761
Swift Code: DABADKKK
Aalborg Academy of Science
Bank: Danske Bank

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